University of Texas at El Paso Manny Pacillas

University of Texas at El Paso
Manny Pacillas

  • (915)747-7628
  • Contract Amount: $ 140,489.47
  • Transport of Solar Modulars to California
  • Dates: October 2013
  • Cost of work performed with our own forces: 100%

Hired as a General Contractor for the following Scope of Project: Transporting module sections of oversize building from UTEP campus to National Competition in California to include permits and all necessary escorts. Prepare ground at property by rough grading and sub-grading. Place concrete piers as required. Set up and assemble modular building, patch and seal roof and wall seams. Re-work interior finishes for a complete functional installation of building. Connect all interior MEP requirements. Install roof brackets / stands and solar panels. Install front and back porch structures. Install ADA/HC accessible ramp at front of building. Install planters and provide plant material. Provide all permit fees and inspections. Project was completed in allocated. Company used a Quality Control Plan and a Safety Plan which resulted in no accidents and no quality control problems.